How to Change Web Hosting Providers

Whenever the idea of shifting a website from one web hosting provider to another knock the minds of the customers, usually most of them refrain it on account of intricacy.
Before finally gearing ahead towards a new web host, never cancel your existing account even if you are not satisfied with the web hosting services of the provider. All this is crucial if you want the account in up position until the creation of a new account. The next important step is the creation of a new account. During this phase, you must ensure that your new web host is endowed with all those properties that your previous host is lacking in. Always go for the web hosting services of well known hosting providers rather than an unknown one for further enhancement of your website.

The web hosting solutions of Delhi are apt in this regard. These solutions are offered at reasonable rates and are available in a wide range starting from Linux web hosting to windows web hosting in Delhi. The cheap web hosting providers of Delhi is also popular for its outstanding hosting packages that also include additional features at free of cost like free set up, free domain name, free web mail and lots more.

Best Web Hosting Provider 2019

After selecting new web host just move on to finalize your desired web hosting package and make a new account. In this way, you will be in a position to enjoy the services of two accounts without any loss. Your next step will revolve around the downloading of old account files and then their uploading to a new account. This can be accomplished with an ease by connecting first to old web hosting provider ftp and then of new host. Even at this stage, don’t give a second thought to the deactivation of your previous account. To avoid any blockage in the flow of emails because of change in the name servers, create the same email accounts at your new hosting account that you had at previous server. This is essential for having the same information in both accounts.

Then check your website to ensure that all files are updated properly and all web links are in the operational position. Now, this is the perfect time to change domain name servers (DNS) if your website is showing desirable results. Usually the DNS is provided by a web host to the customers through registration. However, they are also provided by domain registrars. In case of the DNS change, you should contact your domain provider to replace the previous name servers with a new one.

Your new domain name servers will take 24-48 hours to propagate and thus the entire responsibility of your website view comes on the shoulders of your old host. So it is quite advisable for you to not deactivate your old web account before the expiry of the duration needed for DNS propagation. After the final activation of your new web account, now you can safely cancel the old web account.