Clash of Clans 2017 Upgrade: 8 Things We Need Next

Lately hack clash of clans apk upgrades have slowed down as well as the game is becoming old. Nevertheless, a fresh March Battle of Families upgrade was shown, and teasers propose something huge is coming in the long run. Read on for that which we should see, and what to understand.

The programmers at Supercell made innumerable changes to enhance the entire equilibrium, and happen to be listening to feedback. Actually, changes have been welcomed by the March upgrade, and more are coming in 2017.

Recently they’ve added a Blast Tower, even special occasions, special offers and more powerful Air Defense. That’sn’t enough. Since things tend to be more balanced than in the past, what? Here are several changes that we’d love to find out as time goes on, although we’re not certain.

Town Hall 11 is becoming more powerful than ever before, and continues to be available for more than annually. Considering they’ve added a Blast Tower, a third hero, EAGLE and much more, we also got 25 more walls in March .

About Clash Royale, not Battle of Families all the exciting news continues to be in the last year. And while we believed they’ve been quiet something huge is coming. We’re hearing a game that is “ -transforming” upgrade will arrive in 2017. This appeal to numerous new gamers, get players loving it and may soar the game back to its old popularity. How however, we’re not convinced yet.

Equilibrium changes and new troops can only just go up to now after having a game continues to be accessible for 3-4 years. Delight is beginning to disappear, and beginners are disappearing from the day. As TH11 that is almost maxed I play. The video above describes what suggestions that something huge is coming, and ’s coming in March. The popular YouTubers all is saying something similar.

Below is an assortment of potential changes according to what the community needs, what I’d like as a Town Hall 11, and only in general or pictures for new attributes. Here’s a few characteristics we should determine in the next Battle of Families upgrade. It can alter the game forever, and ’s worth nothing the official Battle with Ashes report considers the “boat” upgrade is coming shortly.

Stone Mine

Every individual time Clash of Clans posts in the comments someone, somewhere to Facebook or Twitter asks for this. It is potential, although it is what makes the programmers cash, so we are quite certain it is going to never, ever occur.

This may simply give users one Stone a day, that is the most precious in-game money. Rather than thousands per only one day, or two. The occasions that are special help, but we want more.

Those who find themselves willing to save stone within the long haul up could make use of this. Add in the fact there’s a stone storage, they are able to be stolen during strikes, the same as routine loot.

I do not find it ever happening, but it is one of many things everyone needs in the next (and all) Battle of Clans upgrade.